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Truck Finance Ballarat

Owner-operators and fleet managers can't afford downtime when trucks on the road mean revenue into the business. Paying out of pocket, however, can leave cash flow tight. Finance solutions provide a cost-effective, quick option to get the truck you need with a well-structured plan to help your business grow. 

Whether you need to buy a truck brand new or used, one vehicle or a fleet, finance solutions will take away the financial stress and put your business in a better position moving forward.


Competitive rates, comprehensive range

Morris Finance offers competitive rates and financing for a wide range of heavy vehicles from well-known brands. What's more, we provide customised advice on the best options to ensure your commercial viability. 

Through in-person consultation, we develop finance solutions that benefit you beyond just a new truck.  


We go the extra mile 

For over 23 years, Morris Finance has offered bespoke finance plans for vehicles, heavy machinery, trucks and more. Our finance specialists partner with clients to assess needs, understand goals and design solutions to get them there.

Are you ready to purchase a new asset, or upgrade your existing ones?  Contact our team of finance specialists today on (03) 5223 3453 to discuss how we can help you.