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Walkinshaw Andretti United Foundation Academy

The WAU Academy provides a platform for individuals with pure talent, irrespective of their background to be involved in the world of motorsport.
The academy redefines the traditional motorsport landscape by identifying and nurturing exceptional talent which is often overlooked by conventional scouting methods. The WAU Foundation Academy goes beyond the racetrack and believes that talent is universal, but opportunities are not. To close this gap, the Academy actively seeks out undiscovered gems from an array of diverse backgrounds, ensuring that the racing world becomes more reflective of society's diversity.
WAU recognises that talent knows no race, gender, or socioeconomic status, and thus, offers a level playing field for individuals who might otherwise go unnoticed in the competitive world of racing.

The launch of the WAU Academy Foundation, was a chance for individuals to showcase their knowledge and expertise to the wider community. It allowed us to get ‘under the hood’ of just how much hard work and dedication goes into prepping for each and every race as well as how integral each person is to the team.

Through a holistic approach, the WAU Foundation Academy offers aspiring racers comprehensive support, encompassing professional coaching, mental and physical training, and educational guidance. WAU doesn't just focus on driver skills, but nurture participants to cultivate well-rounded individuals who have the ability to thrive on and off the track. 

At Morris, we are immensely proud to build upon our long-standing partnership with WAU and in addition, support this amazing new initiative that is the WAU Foundation Academy. We are thrilled to be a part of this movement, working towards creating a brighter future for motorsport. A future that is characterised by talent, determination, and inclusivity. 

This partnership is not just about racing; it’s about facilitating those who deserve an opportunity, to achieve greatness. Along with WAU, we share the belief that talent knows no boundaries and that everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed.