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Victoria now reunited under a single set of eased restrictions


As of 11:59pm last night, Victoria is now reunited under a single set of eased restrictions. Premier Daniel Andrews outlined changes in coronavirus restrictions to bring Metro Melbourne in line with the rest of the state after Victoria recorded a ninth-straight day of zero new cases.

He also announced a list of sweeping changes flagged for the 22nd of November.

Here is what has come into effect as of midnight last night, and what is expected for two weeks’ time.

Changes from 11:59pm the 8th of November

Travel restrictions

  • The 25km travel limit has been removed for Melbourne residents.
  • The 'ring of steel' surrounding Melbourne has also come down, with free movement between metropolitan and regional Victoria permitted.

Household gatherings

  • The limit on people visiting one another's homes remains at two adults plus any dependent children, but these visits may now take place separately and involve people from different households.
  • Any intimate partners of the residents are also excluded from the daily cap on visitors.

Gyms and fitness studios

  • A maximum of 20 people, with a maximum of 10 people per space and a density limit of one person per 8 sqm, are now permitted inside gyms and fitness studios.

Hospitality venues

  • A maximum of 40 people are now permitted indoors and a maximum of 70 people, with one person per 2 sqm, permitted outdoors.

Religious gatherings

  • A maximum of 50 people plus one faith leader are allowed at religious gatherings outdoors and a maximum of 20 people plus one faith leader permitted indoors.

Funerals and weddings

  • A maximum of 20 mourners indoors and a maximum of 50 mourners outdoors allowed for funerals. There are no changes to weddings.

Indoor community sport

  • Non-contact sport for people aged 18 years and under permitted indoors for sports capable of social distancing.

Indoor pools

A maximum of 20 people now allowed inside indoor pools. They will be open for all ages.

Electronic gaming

  • Casinos now able to have 10 people per room with a maximum of 10 separate rooms being used, for electronic gaming machines and tables.


  • Bookings open to members of a single household, intimate partners, or members of a household and two adults and any dependents.
Changes expected from 11:59pm on the 22nd of November

Household and outdoor gatherings

  • Restrictions on visiting others' homes will further ease but these gatherings will still have to remain small.
  • Up to 10 people at a time will be able to visit a household, not including the residents of the household.
  • Outdoors, the limit on gatherings will increase to a maximum of 50 people, with infants under 12 months excluded.

Hospitality venues

  • Restaurants, cafes, pubs and other venues will be able to host up to 100 patrons indoors so long as the four square metre rule is maintained.
  • Outside, this increases to up to 200 people with a maximum density of one person per two square metres.

Gyms and sport

  • Gyms and other indoor fitness centres will be able to have up to 100 people indoors, with a maximum of 20 people in an exercise class.
  • Indoor skate parks, trampoline centres and play centres will be capped at 50 people, with groups up to 24 each of those two settings.
  • Outdoor sporting venues will be allowed to host up to 500 people at a time, in groups of up to 50.
  • The limits on swimming pools will also rise, with up to 50 people indoors and no caps for outdoor pools, so long as the four square metre rule is upheld.

Sports stadiums

  • Sports stadiums will also be allowed to reopen to crowds, with large venues allowed to seat up to 25 per cent of their overall capacity with the four square-metre rule also in place.


  • Bookings at hotels, motels and the like will open to up to 10 people from any number of households.

Religious gatherings, weddings and funerals

  • Inside, the limit will be 20 people with a space requirement of one person per four square metres.

A comprehensive list of changes can be found in the link below.

Summary of Statewide Restrictions


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