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Take advantage of the $150,000 Instant Asset Write Off


Have you been thinking about upgrading your business equipment?

Don’t think about it any longer, get in quick, because this offer wont last for long! 

Keeping cash flow positive is important to every business and making large, essential purchases can make that tricky. But the instant asset tax write-off offers a way for you to claim assets you purchase for your business up to a value of $150,000 from 12 March this year until 30 June 2020.

Any single asset purchased under $150,000 from the 12 March, qualifies for the asset tax write-off. This means that if a business purchases multiple assets under this amount, they will all qualify – even if the cumulative cost exceeds $150,000. The cost of the asset includes both the amount you paid for it and any additional amount spent on transporting the asset, improving it or installing it for use.



Many Australian businesses are pivoting their way out of business disruption and exploring new opportunities to give their companies a much needed boost. If you have been waiting for the right moment to make some big changes at your company, this is the moment to act.

Simply call 1300 4 Morris or email and speak to our New Business Finance Managers David or Fiona who will be able to assist you in finding the best facility for your needs and budget. 

Is Your Business Eligible To Benefit? Talk To Us Today!