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A state by state guide to business support measures


Has your business been financially impacted by COVID-19?  

As state lockdowns and trading restrictions continue to significantly impact so many businesses around Australia, both State and Federal Governments are working together to provide financial support for those most affected.

With public health orders and restrictions varying from state to state, so does the assistance available to businesses. The support offered includes one-off cash grants, recurring payments, rent relief and tax relief measures. 

To help you understand what’s available to your business, we’ve compiled a list of support offered in each state below.


Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment

Support if you can't earn an income because you must self-isolate or quarantine or are caring for someone with COVID-19. Payments of $1,500 are available for each 14 day period for those eligible.

COVID-19 Disaster Payment

This is a lump-sum payment to help workers that are unable to earn an income due to a COVID-19 state public health order. This may involve a lockdown, hotspot or movement restrictions. The amount you may be eligible for will depend on your location and your individual circumstances.



COVID-19 Business Support Grant – Employing

Small to medium employing businesses whose turnover has significantly declined as a result of lockdowns may be eligible for funding of up to $20,000.

COVID-19 Business Support Grant – Non-Employing

Non-employing businesses whose turnover has significantly declined as a result of lockdowns may be eligible for funding of up to $7,500.

COVID-19 Small Business Hardship Scheme ACT

ACT small businesses impacted by lockdowns may be eligible for support of up to $10,000 in the form of a credit. More details on this program will be available soon. 


COVID-19 Business Grants

Businesses, sole traders and not-for-profit organisations in NSW that have been impacted by the recent COVID-19 restrictions may be eligible for a one-off grant based on their decline in turnover.

COVID-19 Micro Business Support Grants

Micro-businesses (small businesses, sole traders, or not-for-profit organisations with an aggregated annual turnover between $30,000 and $75,000) that have been affected by the Greater Sydney lockdown may be eligible for a fortnightly payment of $1,500 to cover business expenses.

JobSaver Payment

Businesses, sole traders and not-for-profit organisations in NSW that have been impacted by the recent COVID-19 restrictions may be eligible for the JobSaver payment to help maintain their NSW employee headcount from the 13th of July.

Support for Commercial Landlords and Tenants

Impacted tenants in commercial and retail tenancies in NSW will be offered protection, and landlords will not be able to lockout or evict impacted tenants without first going through mediation.

Tax Relief Measures

A range of tax relief support measures is available for businesses in NSW, including deferring payroll tax payments until the 7th of October 2021 and a 25 per cent reduction in 2021/22 payroll tax liability for businesses with grouped Australian wages of $10 million or less who experience a 30 per cent decline in turnover.

Small Business Fees and Charges Rebate

Sole traders, small business owners and not-for-profit organisations may be eligible for a small business fees and charges rebate of $1,500 to help reduce the cost of running a business.

Accommodation Provider Support Payments

Financial assistance is available for cancelled bookings during the school holiday period. Assistance is based on the number of cancelled room nights.

NSW Performing Arts COVID Support Package

This support package provides performing arts venues, producers and promoters with funding to help them recover from the impact of COVID-19 restrictions, funding amounts vary.



Trade Support Scheme – COVID-19 Quick Response Grants

This program provides funding to Territory businesses adversely impacted as a result of global supply chain disruptions and travel restrictions in place as a result of the pandemic.

Visitation Reliant Small Business Support Program

The Visitation Reliant Small Business Support Program provides funding to NT businesses reliant on international and interstate visitation. Funding of $3,000 is available for eligible employing businesses and $1,000 for eligible non-employing businesses (including sole traders).

Tourism Survival Fund

The program provides funding to NT touring companies, professional conference organisers, exhibition build companies and eligible attractions that have been impacted by the lack of international and interstate visitors. One-off payments range from $5,000 to $30,000.



2021 Business Support Grants

Small and medium-sized businesses across Queensland affected by COVID-19 lockdowns and lockdowns in other states may be eligible for one-off grants to provide cash flow and support helping them to adapt to evolving circumstances. Funding of between $1,000 and $30,000 is available based on the payroll size of the eligible business.

State Land Rent Relief - COVID-19 Assistance

Queensland business holders of leases, licences, and permits on state land may be eligible to receive a rent waiver or deferral.

Support for Tourism Operators and Hospitality Providers

Various fees and charges relief are available for tourism operators and hospitality providers whose business has been impacted by COVID-19.



Business Support Package

Small and medium-sized businesses that were forced to close as a result of the state’s lockdown (beginning on the 20th of July) may be eligible for a $3,000 cash grant, and small businesses and sole traders who don’t employ staff may be eligible for grants of $1,000.

COVID-19 Additional Business Support Grant

Additional funding is also available for businesses that continue to be significantly impacted by trading restrictions applicable from the 28th of July.

Major Events Support Grant

This grant provides funding to operators of major one-off events in SA that were impacted by the July lockdown and subsequent trading restrictions. Funding of up to $25,000 is available.

Liquor Licence Holders and COVID-19

Fee reductions and other initiatives are available to support liquor licence holders impacted by COVID-19.



Business Hardship – Border Closure Critical Support Grant

This program provides funding to Tasmanian businesses that are being impacted by the lockdowns and border restrictions that are in place in other states. Funding of between $1,000 and $10,000 is available for eligible businesses.



July Top-Up Payment

Businesses that have successfully applied for the Business Costs Assistance Program Round Two or the Licensed Hospitality Venue Fund 2021 may be eligible for the July 2021 Top-Up Payment.

Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme

The Victorian Government have announced that they will reintroduce the Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme to alleviate the financial hardship that tenants and landlords might face as a result of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Payroll Tax Relief

Various tax relief measures are available for Victorian businesses impacted by COVID-19.



Small Business and Charities Electricity Credit

This program provides eligible small businesses and charities with a credit of $500 towards their electricity costs.

WA Tourism and Travel Agent Support Fund

The WA Tourism and Travel Agent Support Fund provide WA tourism operators with funding to help them recover from the impacts of COVID-19. One-off cash payments of between $2,000 and $10,000 will be available to eligible businesses. Applications open soon.


Last updated - 16th of September 2021

Coronavirus information and support for business

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