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Nick Percat Darwin Triple Crown Preview


Nick Percat Darwin Triple Crown Preview

Hey everyone,

This weekend we head north to one of my favourite events of the year, Hidden Valley in Darwin. It’s a track I have had a lot of success at since I started racing there way back when in Aussie racing cars and Formula ford. It’s a track that suits the way I like to drive, its fast and flowing but also has one of the slowest corners on the calendar with the hairpin in the middle part of the lap. For me this weekend has me very excited show what I can do in a WAU car. I have stood on the podium 3 times in the last 4 years in Darwin.

Since we last raced in Winton there has been a change on my car. I have a new engineer this weekend with Grant Mcpherson or commonly know as Shippy in pitlane. I can’t wait to get to the track and work with Shippy. He has such a huge CV and has won everything there is to win in supercars. I’m excited to use his knowledge to good effect.

The format this weekend is the normal sprint round but spread over 3 days. Friday we have X2 30min practice sessions and then we fire into Qualifying and Race 1 Saturday followed by X2 qualifying sessions and races on Sunday. My goal for the weekend is to be consistent and at the front. I want to have 3 solid qualifying sessions and races all well inside the top 10. At this stage its about building the relationship with Shippy and gaining some confidence to keep pushing the car to the maximum.

I thought in this preview I would touch on my recent trip over to Monaco, I know we all have a passion for motorsport and for me, Monaco has been on my buck list for some time. So earlier this year myself and Chaz organised to go over with and watch the F1 in Monaco and spend time with Ryan and Martine Walkinshaw. All I can say about the trip is how blown away I was by the circuit and show F1 puts on. The circuit characteristics do not get the justice they deserve on tv.. it reminded me of Bathurst, no one realises how crazy Bathurst is until they go. For me Monaco was the same, the narrow street track has its challenges with crazy elevation change and absolutely zero room for error. If its on your list of things to do, you will not be disappointed.

But like normal it hasn’t been just a holiday between events, Darwin is a very challenging weekend with the heat, so the training effort has increase and preparing for Darwin has been the priority. I even managed to sneak in some training when I was on holiday and jumped on a bike and rode along the beautiful coast and into the edge of the mountains. I have also spent a lot of time down at WAU and in Melbourne making sure we are all as prepared as possible with the changes on my car.

As usual you can tune into the coverage on Fox Sports 506 and catch up with how I am going across my social media pages!

Cheers Nick