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Moving towards a COVID-Safe business model


COVID-19 has impacted every business differently. Some were able to shift to a remote work model, while others adjusted operations or closed their doors entirely.

As restrictions begin to ease and businesses start to re-engage, one thing is true across the board: Every business will face tremendous challenges as Australia begins the path to recovery, while still facing the public health threat of the virus.

Several factors make re-opening and resuming previous business practices difficult for business owners to navigate. Safety guidelines may differ from state to state, so companies with multiple locations across the country need to stay up to date on the various guidelines. Consumers may be wary about being in an enclosed space with other individuals, regardless of the health and safety protocols in place. Even digital businesses that have remained fully operational may find it difficult to boost sales with so many customers facing lost or limited income.

The National 3-step plan to ease restrictions and make Australia COVID-safe includes a requirement for each business to develop a COVID-Safe plan. This will be a plan specific to your business to operate in a COVID-Safe way to protect your customers and workers.  Which will be a good tool to help you talk to your staff about changes to your business practises and address any concerns.

It will also provide your customers with confidence to visit your business and enjoy their experience knowing you have considered COVID-Safe steps.

The 3-step plan addresses the following:

Keeping people safe

  • Understand how your WHS risks have changed
  • How to make your business COVID‑19 safe
  • How to respond to a COVID‑19 infection

Adapting business

  • How to get things up and running
  • Adapt your business to a new operating environment

Accessing support and assistance

  • Access Government and industry support
  • Important contacts

In addition to creating a COVID-Safe plan, below are some tips to assist you in elevating your core business activities. 


There's a lot of information out there about COVID-19, so you'll need to focus on the most reputable, reliable sources to find the right guidance for your business.

Government and public health organizations are the best places to find accurate, updated information for businesses that are looking to reopen.


Creating your reopening plan will require a lot of internal and external assessment of multiple factors that could impact your success moving forward. Here are a few important things you will need to consider:

  • Regulations
  • Safety
  • Security

Assess your business needs

Once you have determined the new precautions and protocols your business will need to follow, it is time to consider your operational needs. From limited funding to supply chain disruptions, you may encounter a few challenges as you seek to ramp up your core business activities.


Your business will likely need to communicate plans to several different audiences, and each one requires a tailored approach to ensure the right message is received.

As part of your post-COVID-19 communications, you'll need to set clear and accurate expectations with those who interact with your business. Your employees, customers and vendors will need to know what to expect from you as you execute your reopening plan.

As COVID‑19 will be with us for some time, it’s important that your business has a plan - and continues to plan - to keep your workplace healthy, safe and virus-free.