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Morris Introduces a Life Administration Day


Morris to introduce a nine-day fortnight re-defining the work-life balance. 

In what is considered a first in today’s corporate world, Morris are introducing a Life Admin Day, in the form of a nine-day fortnight, a biweekly day off where staff are not asked to make up hours, work additional hours, or take a pay reduction to supplement the implementation of this considered initiative.


Managing Director, Nathan Murray sees this pioneering leadership initiative as an integral part of Morris’s evolution, another important chapter in the development of the company, with staff excited about the prospect of a further balancing of the perennial work – life equation.


Quite simply, Nathan’s expectations are that Morris’s staff complement will be able to plan personal affairs, such as out of office appointments, financial planning, family, or personal matters, or merely a three-day weekend, just to name a few. In conjunction with this, Nathan believes that staff will ensure that achievable and agreeable targets and forecasts will be met, if not surpassed, just as they have done in the past. “It’s in our DNA, it’s the way we do business” and we have built our company on the back of a glass half full attitude. It works, our values of communication, consistency, continuous improvement, and a guarding against complacency ensure that we excel in any economic or social climate that we face. “As I’ve said numerous times, “our people are our most important asset, they thrive in challenging times, it’s our culture”.


The idea of adding further staff value adds to the experience of working for a progressive company came about during COVID-19, an exhaustive two-year period where we practised what we preached, “real people’ real passion, real purpose.” 


Throughout this protracted period, we traded to our tried and tested business model of having staff connecting with each other on-site, thereby ensuring we were able to provide the customer experiences that our stakeholders, namely, our 2,800 strong accredited asset finance brokers, investors, direct clients, referrers and suppliers are accustomed to. “Covid was a very challenging time for our people, however in tough times you learn a lot about your culture, and without fear of contradiction l can say that our people were nothing short of amazing.”


Whilst the Life Administration Day will be trialled from March 1st to June 30th, the belief from every staff member working at Morris is that it is a fait accompli that the Life Administration Day will be continued for ever and a day, with the key being that the 12 operating departments will support each other, with the responsibility and accountability that Morris have come to expect.


Nathan also commented “our staff are our brand ambassadors and the face of our company, so we are always looking to introduce value add initiatives that make their Morris experiences as enjoyable as possible.” On the flip side, staff satisfaction and morale are key drivers of business performance, and the positivity that these initiatives resonate are also the catalyst for the admirable longevity and loyalty at Morris. Not surprisingly, a staggering 20% of our staff have been with the company for 10 years or beyond.