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Geelong Cats Connect in Hoops Business Lunch


Geelong Cats Connect in Hoops Business Lunch, presented by Morris. 

On Thursday, the 2nd of November, a group of Morris' rising stars and key executives attended the Geelong Cats, Connect in Hoops Business Lunch. As longstanding partners and the coach's sponsor for a number of years, we took immense pride in being the presenting partner for the 2023 Connect in Hoops Business Lunch. 


The focus of the event was Martin Heppell's compelling presentation from The Resilience Project, centred around 'Discovering Resilience'. Martin skilfully interwined humour and inspiration, sparking discussions on mental health, positivity, and resilience. He shared practical ways to navigate life's challenges through integrating practices of gratitude, empathy, and mindfulness into everyday life. 


Chief Operating Officr of Morris Business Solutions, Damien Foster, participated in a Q&A session, providing insights into Morris' 13-year journey with the Geelong Football Club. Emphasising the reciprocal support and extraordinary growth between both organisations over the years. Damien highlighted how the partnership is built on shared values of growth, integrity, and the collective pursuit of success. The session also provided Damien with the opportunity to present Morris to the room; discussing who we are, our values, our products, our services, and our achievements as a business. 


Following Martin's impactful presentation and the insightful Q&A session, the networking hour commenced, allowing professionals, industry leaders, and business owners the opportunity to connect, and foster meaningful relationships. The event served as a powerful platform, uniting businesses from Geelong, the Surf Coast, and surrounding regions. It was great opportunity for our staff to network and engage in meaningful coversations. 


The event stood as a testament to the enduring partnership and collective pursuit of excellence that helps us achieve Success. Together. with the Geelong Football Club.