Farm Machinery Finance


We have all witnessed the rapid mechanisation of Agriculture, the change in the climate, increased cost pressures. The list of competitive forces grows longer every day and people on the land need to find ways to deliver profit to their business. Upgrading Farm Equipment is one of the most effective ways to get more from your biological assets and extract value thereby putting more money in the bank. 

Financing Farm Machinery and Equipment has a positive impact on your cash flow and often mitigates the taxation burden on your business. With a competitive Finance Facility behind you, your farm can utilise the best machinery on the market and assure the future financial viability of your business.

We provide Finance for Farm Machinery like Backhoe Loaders, Combine Harvesters, Graders, GPS units, Skid Steer Loaders, Tractors, Trailers and Sprayers to name a few.

We can also provide refinancing on existing equipment to free up additional cash flow to assist you meet your cash flow budget requirements when needed.

Chattel Mortgage, Hire Purchase, Leasing and More

Our experienced Broker Network and New Business Specialists understand the unique nature of the Farming and Agricultural Industry, with its seasonal vagaries, dependencies and natural threats. We create custom Farm Machinery Finance solutions for our agricultural clients, with a range of competitive products and services.
Our Farm Machinery Finance options extend and include Asset Finance, Chattel Mortgage, Hire Purchase, Leasing and Sale & Leaseback facilities.

If you need Farm Machinery Finance, talk to us today. 


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