Capital Raising


A little known business fact is that you can unlock the potential equity in your business assets to generate working capital.

For example you might require Capital Raising for any of the following:


  • To assist with the purchase of unique and specialised goods
  • Simplistic way to restructure a partnership or company position
  • To provide taxation benefits as well as generate cash flow for the business
  • Redistribute cash flow from previous business purchases
  • Provide cash flow/liquidity during unpredictable/seasonal/cyclical periods
  • Assisting with unforeseen expenses such as mechanical repairs, unexpected creditors, legal fees and tax payments

Raising capital through your business assets could help solve cash flow issues both short and long term whilst providing taxation benefits.

Morris Finance are able to raise funds from a number of commercial goods.


Unlike major institutions, Morris Finance does not discriminate between goods, industries, profiles and our terms are flexible providing tailored solutions to meet your needs and goals.

We offer a range of commercial products to provide cash flow for your business.


Our team of dedicated Finance Brokers and New Business Specialists can provide you with information and access to financial solutions to allow you to grow your business.

Contact us now to learn more about how we can raise capital for you.


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