Morris Finance announce partnership with Channel Nine lifestyle series, Destination Happiness

24/08/2017 03:00PM

Morris Finance are proud to be partnering with a refreshing new addition to the Channel Nine line up, Destination Happiness - a lifestyle series which investigates the many and varied paths we can explore in order to experience happiness.

In doing so, Morris Finance will feature as the Presenting sponsor of the ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ segment on the 13 episode TV series.


In an era where mental health has become a prominent discussion in all realms of life, Destination Happiness brings uplifting, inspiring content to our screens to help us work on our own wellbeing.


The show will appeal to all ages and walks of life from children to mums, through to athletes and the corporate world.


Hosts Angie Hilton and Shura Taft guide us through our search for happiness exploring inspirational personal stories, sampling physical training techniques, mindfulness based activities, travelling to destinations guaranteed to lift our spirits and tasting a few delectable and nutritious bites to eat on the way.


Angie and Shura are supported throughout the series by a team of experts including resident Clinical Psychologist, Chris Mackey, GP Dr Leanne Douglas and we even check in on our pets’ mental health with Veterinarian Dr Jane Miller. The Destination Happiness team look at finding joy from a scientific, spiritual and practical point of view. No stone is left unturned.


“As a proud Australian business operating on a National basis, we are delighted to support a show that aims to enrich the lives of people across Australia.


Basing its lifestyle series on tips and techniques to assist those who are wanting to improve their overall health and well-being, Destination Happiness provides us with methods we can use to reach a place of happiness which is a value we hold highly at Morris Finance.” Managing Director Nathan Murray.


Destination Happiness is a program with a purpose which will air on the Nine network weekly on Saturdays from August 26th 12:00 – 12:30pm.


Watch how the “Random Acts of Happiness” episode can brighten up a person’s day and understand how the science of our physical health impacts our minds.


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