MFL Sports Ambassador Katie Brennan gives us a rundown on her AFLW journey so far

23/02/2017 05:00PM

With the 2017 season underway, the AFL Women's competition has continued to captivate audiences, with Channel 7 recording consistently strong ratings since the beginning in February.


MFL Sports Ambassador Katie Brennan is one of the many women that will be watched Nationally over the next month as the teams continue to fight for a place in the inaugural AFLW Grand Final being held on Saturday 25th of March.


Katie’s passion for the game shines through inevitably and it’s clear to see that this child hood dream of hers, has very much become a reality for the humble girl once growing up on a family farm just south of Brisbane, to now living and breathing football in Melbourne as the captain of the Western Bulldogs women’s side.


“My dreams, and the dreams of so many women have come true. AFLW is here and it’s here to stay.” Said the skipper.


The 24 year old has quickly become renowned as one of the most influential players in the league, showing great leadership both on and off the field and as well as being highly respected by her peers.


“It’s been amazing to watch as a spectator of the game, however it is even more special to be a player involved in this movement.”


To captain the Western Bulldogs is an enormous honour and one that is still sinking in for Katie. She reflects on the moment of running out onto the field in Round 1 with her team mates, a memory in which she will cherish forever.


“I will never forget that feeling of leading the Inaugural Western Bulldogs Women’s Team through the banner onto Whitten Oval in front of 10,000 people and the emotion of winning that game. It still gives me goose bumps and butterflies thinking about all of these moments.”


But with highs, there will be lows and Katie has been tested by a few of these already.


“After experiencing that incredible high in Round 1, we were challenged by Adelaide in Round 2 and unfortunately they were too good for us. They were first to the footy and made the most of their opportunities whereas we missed some we should have taken. It cost us the game and to add to the disappointment I have had a setback with an injury.”


The key forward and marquee signed player missed the match against Melbourne at Whitten Oval in Round 3 due to her ankle injury, in which the Bulldogs were defeated in a 14 point loss to the Demons.


“Injuries, setbacks and hardship are beautiful things though. You always come out the other end stronger and wiser.” Katie said.


One thing we value about our Sports Ambassador, is her positive outlook and attitude towards life and her determination to overcome challenges and set goals to achieve the best possible result for not only herself, but for the team that looks up to her.


“The plan for the next few weeks is to work on my game, be the best captain I can possibly be and make the most of this situation by challenging myself in other areas.


“It’s safe to say I can’t wait to be back out there with the girls. What a group we have.”


We wish Katie all the best in her recovery and look forward to seeing her back out on the field.


To follow Katie Brennan’s success please visit her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages or visit her website for more information.


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